What causes hair loss?

On the last couple of years, the hair loss became very common and spread. Man, women suffer from the hair loss. The medicine has developed many treatments as surgical and un-surgical to restore the hair loss.

Most of the patients start with un-surgical treatment to slow down the hair loss and densify the affected areas. After that they decide about the surgical treatment.

The hair loss starts at young age. For Men it shows at age 18. For women it depends on the health conditions.

There are few types of hair loss. The most known types are androgenetic Alopecia, alopecia areata, traction alopecia, alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis.

Based on the research and the experimentation, the cause of men hair loss has been defined and it is due to genetic Pattern baldness, hormones, medical conditions, aging, stress and life style.

Hair loss for women is different and the cause cannot be categorized. The most common reasons of the women hair loss are pregnancy, thyroid disorders, and anemia.

The most common hair loss type for man and women is Androgenetic Alopecia.

The Androgenetic Alopecia goes from Norwood 1 to Norwood 7 (baldness scale).


How to treat the hair loss?

All depends on the hair loss type. The patient should contact a specialist doctor and get to learn the type of the hair loss and the cause. The specialist doctor will provide the appropriate treatment as vitamins, injections, minoxidil, finasteride, special hair follicle shampoo, hair serum, multi-vitamins hair growth spray, saw palmetto hair loss, herbal solution for hair loss, Rogaine…

Can hair regrow after hair fall?

The hair growth can be possible after hair loss treatment. It will depend if the follicle is still active and didn’t disappear, the hair growth is possible. If the follicle didn’t generate hair in long period (couple of years) and the patient didn’t start earlier hair loss treatment then the growth cannot be possible.

Also, thinning hair is a sign of hair loss and it is recommended to start the treatment to improve the health of the follicles before the shedding phase.


Is hair transplant a cure for hair loss?

The hair transplant is a surgical treatment for hair loss. If the patient has suffered from the hair loss and tried with all the hair growth treatments (un-surgical), in this case the hair transplant can be the solution as effective permanent treatment. It consists on removing the hair follicles from the donor area and implant them on the affected area. With this procedure, the patient can have a new hair growth and final solution to treat his baldness.

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