Beard Transplant in Turkey

Beard Transplant in Turkey 


About this treatment

Beard Transplant Phases

The FUE beard transplant consists of 3 phases: Extraction of the grafts, incisions in the recipient area and implantation of the follicles.

The extraction phase: the follicles (grafts) are taken from the donor area then they are stored into conservation solution. The number of the follicles extracted is defined according to the size of the facial recipient area. The extraction is performed by using a micro-motor punch. The size of the punch is defined according to the hair size.

The incision phase: the preparation of the recipient area by opening micro slits channels by using sapphire blade. This phase is performed by a specialist hair restoration. The path of the hair growth will be calculated before making the incisions. For the beard transplant, our specialists recommend the sapphire FUE technique. The result accurate clean and minimal skin trauma and fast healing.

The implantation phase: The grafts extracted will be transplanted on the recipient area by using tweezers.

Which donor area used for the beard transplant

Who is a good candidate for beard Transplant?

The beard transplant is dedicated to patients who have Thin Beard, Growth Patches on the beard, Scars, Asymmetric beard.

Beard Transplant Success Rate

The FUE beard Transplant ensure 90-95% success rate. The patient needs to follow all the instructions provided after the surgery for maximum hair growth.


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